Australia – Quick Travel Insights

  • Victor Harbor from Granite Island - Australia edited
  • Torimetta Beach - Australia by Gemma Stiles edited
  • The Grotto - Australia by Frasser Mummery edited
  • Sydney Opera House - Australia by Hal Linh Truong edited
  • Sydney Harbour Australia by Kevin Gibbons edited
  • Sydney - Australia by Tom Dawson edited
  • Rapid Bay South - Australia by Les Haines edited
  • Noorlungha Pier Adelaide - Australia by Les Haines edited
  • Melbourne by Night - Australia by Hal Ling Traong edited
  • Melbourne Australia by Yasser Alghofily edited
  • Latitudenous - Australia by frasser Mummery edited
  • Invigorated - Australia by Gemma Stiles edited
  • Granite Arch - Australia by Tatters edited
  • Collary Long Reef - Australia by Thomas Depenbusch edited
  • Black Swan - Australia by les Haines edited
  • Australia Day by Travis Simon edited
  • Australia by Thomas Depenbusch edited
  • 12 Apostles - Australia by Jami Kelnanen edited

Kim Lambert

Kim Lambert is a Travel Writer, Speaker, Photographer, Writing and Publishing Coach, and an eleven times Amazon Number One Bestselling Author, with more than 25 books published to date (as herself, and under pen names for her fiction). (find her on Amazon at ) She has just released the first in a series of pictorial travel books -'Tasmanian Summer' - you can find it on Amazon at which became an Amazon number one category bestseller within 24 hours of release. She travels extensively (23 countries in the last 4 years, and more being added all the time) and writes about her travels, as well as taking high quality photos of everywhere she goes. Her articles have been published in a range of luxury travel publications, and she also has a n extensive number of articles published on business and writing/ publishing topics. Her next planned travel is a 5 week trip to the US, central America and the Caribbean, in March and April 2017. She is also the owner of a publishing company ( ) which designs, edits, formats and publishes books for a variety of authors She mentors business owners who wish to boost their authority by becoming authors, assisting them with creating books that produce the optimal results for their business. Kim is the creator of the Product Creation Launchpad course and the Zero to Book 3 day writing course.

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